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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  March 2, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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u.s. soldiers slain. a gunman opens fire on a u.s. military bus. a man in custod neberlin -- custody in berlin. and the reason for the attacks. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. a gunman opens fire. two u.s. airmen are killed and two others hurt. randall pinkston has more on wjz. >> reporter: the shooter opened fire at the bus carrying u.s. air force personnel, set outside a terminal in frankfurt, germany. two other u.s. airmen were seriously wounded. president obama is promising to get to the bottom of the attack. >> we will spare no effort in learning how this outrageous act took place. and working with german authorities to ensure that all
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of the pern traitors are brought to justice. >> reporter: after firing his weapon, the gunman ran into a terminal, where authorities tackled him. he is now in police custody. investigators are looking into whether the shooting had any ties to terror groups. the airport is near ramstein air force base, the headquarters of the u.s. air force in europe. the victims were part of an air force security team, on their way to afghanistan. randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> german chancellor angela merkel says her country will do everything possible to investigate the crime. libyan leader moammar gadhafi is vowing to fight to the end. >> reporter: the rebels are reportedly asking the united nations for air strikes to help them overthrow gadhafi. two u.s. airships are in place.
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gadhafi loyalists are battling for control of installations and an air strip. nearly 60 people were killed in today's fighting. also today, the u.s. postal service suspended mail to libya because of the violence. controversial protests alt a westminster funeral drew attention and scorn. but just hours ago, the u.s. supreme court ruled in favor of the westboro baptist church. derek valcourt has more on the decision and reaction to it. derek? >> we are in york, where we are expecting a press conference at 5:00. they are reacting to news in the decision, citing free speech, sided with the westborough baptist church. >> reporter: it was the funeral for maryland marine matthew schneider. the infamous westborough baptist church stood outside,
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chanting and holding signs. god hates dead soldiers, among others. >> god hates america ♪ >> i'm sorry that they raised their son for the devil and hell. >> reporter: so appalled was he that he filed suit in federal court against the church group. >> they don't have a right to terrorize families and single families out. and that's what they do. a federal jury in maryland -- [ no audio ] >> reporter: the only dicenting opinion in this-- dissenting case was from supreme court justice samuel alito who says he does not think the country's commitment to free speech should in any way, tolerate the vicious verbal assault, like in this case. we'll have an update for you at 5:00. back to you. >> it is an emotional decision, at wjz, getting a lot of
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reaction from our viewers. our complete coverage continues at with adam may. >> reporter: adam, pretty fair to say that the beliefs of the westborough baptist church are not popular with our viewers. and some of our viewers are not happy at all with the court's decision. richard says, freedom of speech was supposed to be so that you could speak without fearing repercussions, not for taunting families. another wrote, i feel bad for this man who died serving our country and for all of our armed forces. this is hitting home to a lot of our viewers. >> for more reaction to read other people's comments or to leave your comment, please do go to hear from the father, albert schneider, coming up all new at 5:00 and 6:00. an emotional scene. actor charlie sheen is forced to hand over young -- his young kids to police. his ex-wife has filed a
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restraining order. >> reporter: charlie sheen handed over his young twin boys to police last night. they showed up at his los angeles home, armed with a restraining order. >> don't say goodbye, say see you later. >> reporter: it's another sad twist in sheen's life drama. the video appeared on radar online. sheen's third wife, brook mueller, filed the restraining order, claiming the actor threatened her, saying i will cut off your head and send it to your mother. and she feared for the boys' safety. >> reporter: sheen lives in this garden gated community with two women he calls his goddesses. he said he is not angry, but focused on getting his sobriety back. >> everything is as i've stated it to be. i'm clean, focused, ready to go back to work. >> reporter: sheen has gone on
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a bizarre media blitz, threatening to sue cbs. cbs's les moonvesfinally spoke out. >> i wish you had worked this hard to promote for an emmy. >> sheen is already the highest- paid actor on tv. he says he wants a raise at $3 million an episode to come back. in left-side, eyewitness news. >> a twitter account in sheen's name is now up and running, with already a million followers. more attention to dating violence. today, the house ways and means committee is holding a hearing to put dating violence into public schools. iardly love's parents are testifying in support of the bill. love was killed in her off campus apartment in may. her boyfriend, george hughely
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is also charged in her murder. also, a bill to legalize same-sex marriage is back on track. but there will not be a vote today. delegate tiffany austin, one of two delegates said today, she is ready now. advocates say they now have the votes ready to advance the bill. no new volt has been scheduled. -- vote has been scheduled. governor o'malley has said it has reached his desk. the go ahead to stop gaps. transforms $4 billion from the budget and keeps the government from shutting down. the president is calling on congress to discuss long-term funding to keep the government afloat through september 30th. the sun is out. and it, i am told, is above 60 degrees outside. wjz has weather and traffic together. meteorologist tim williams is here with more on today's warm weather and tomorrow's chill- down. tim?
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>> believe everything you're told, mary. well, it is definitely above 60 degrees, with a very nice, delightful afternoon shaping up. keep in mind and to put it into perspective, our average is 49. 47 is actually the cold spot on the map. and that's all the way out in oakland. even that is right on target for the average highs this time of year. 55 in elkton. 58 on the shore. and 52 in hagerstown. and while there are no watches and warnings in effect, there is a statement for the national weather service, for all of the areas shaded there. that special statement is for enhanced fire danger through the afternoon. low humidity, light winds and low temperatures do fuel fires if any should happen to spark. this area can definitely have red-flag warnings. just be aware, as long as the conditions are as dry as they are, we'll have the updated conditions. let's check on thed radios now with courtney ward at wjz traffic control. things are actually looking pretty good out there on the
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roadway this afternoon. but i have a few things to tell you about. let's start in pikesville. there is a left main break. west side of the inner loop. just a bit of a delay from baltimore national pike. cars just moving along about 18 miles per hour there. on the neither side outer loop, expect to slow down as you go from york road to charles street. and in baltimore street, just a few accidents to let you know about. one at gwen falls parkway. another at eastern and south central avenue. let's take a live look outside. we can see i-695 west of york road. traffic is starting to pick up there. as you head north, it is smooth sailing on that roadway. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you've suffered a personal injury, call the cochran firm. or visit for a free consultation. back to you guys. children across america are being let loose to enjoy the
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rightings of dr. seuss. >> you can shoot at me with 53s and beans. you can bring in the united states marines. >> nothing better than dr. seuss. today, wjz was at beachfield elementary school, where the chief academic officer kicked off read across america day. the day honors the birthday of theodore geisel. known to most as dr. seuss. >> dr. seuss is cool. still cool. >> he was great. still ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. emergency treatment. why tennis star serena williams is hospitalized. a preacher to the eastern shore, cleared of charges that he sexually abused his own children and a small child. i'm adam may. why he's still trying to clear his name and get his children back. second sight. new hope for the blind coming up in healthwatch.
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serena williams had two health scares, a blood clot in her lung and later treatment for a hematoma. she had surgery. she will have surgery to remove the clot. she's resting comfortably at home and hopes to return to tennis by early summer. in today's healthwatch report, a breakthrough for the blind, doctors in europe have approved a first artificial retina, capable of giving blind people part of their vision back. terrell brown reports for wjz. >> reporter: blindness robbed
4:15 pm
dean lloyd of watching his daughter lisa grow up. >> i was 3 when dad lost most of his vision. so i've never known my dad to be sighted. >> he lost most of his vision. but now, he can tell shapes and tell light from dark. >> i was totally blind for 17 years. so the brain now has to relearn how to see. >> reporter: the device uses a tiny video camera, mounted on a pair of glasses, a transmitter in the glasses sends the imangs to -- images to a chip, implanted on the dye. there, 60 electrodes send images to the optic nerve, straight in the brain. >> it is a huge leap forward for people who have not seen much. >> reporter: this is only for people who used to be able to see. it just received approval in europe. and the maker of the device plans to apply for fda approval later this year.
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lloyd's disease is herreditary. his daughter lisa has already lost night vision and has a 50- 50 chance of going completely blind. she's okay with this new technology but also okay with being blind. >> just learn what you can do. and it leads to a whole bunch of possibilities. >> she sees her dad as a great example of how to live a fuel life. -- full life. >> the system isn't cheap. it costs around $100,000 plus the cost of surgeries. but the company is working to get insurers to cover the surgery. a decent day on wall street. dow was down 9. s&p up 2. nasdaq up 11. let's go to new york right now, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. a surprisingly strong report on jobs. payroll processor adp reports
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that private companies added 217,000 jobs last month. well above the 180,000 analysts were expecting. the report raised hopes that the report on friday could show a decline in the unemployment rate, which is currently at 9%. crude oil had been trading above 100 dollars a barrel. as oil in the middle east shows snow sign of stopping any time soon. ben bernanke says the government's plan to cut spending this year would reduce economic growth and cost jobs. bernanke also told lawmakers he's not ruling out buying more bonds. they are trying to buy to stimulate economic growth. and apple's steve jobs got a standing ovation when he emerged from medical leave to unveil a second generation of ipads. jobs looked pale as he showed
4:18 pm
up in a black mock turtle neck. the new ipads will cost the same as the old, starting at about $500. and that's your money watch. for more, just stay with in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. it's not uncommon for couples to fight over the home thermostat. now, researchers are trying to explain why. according to a study of the british medical journal, women are more likely to have cold hands than men, regardless of age or body mass. researchers also found evidence that women may keep warmer core temperature because their bodies are designed for childbirth. in the end, it all comes down to personal preference. >> i have one thing to say. >> yes? >> ready? >> goodness. i hope your heart is warm. because your hands are cold. >> freezing. that's the evidence. i know, your hands are warm. >> i kick out a lot of btus. that's what my wife tells me.
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>> i don't. coming up at 4:00. unused gift cards. you can get cash for them or swap them with something else and someone else. find out how in consumer watch. it's a new season of the baltimore symphony orchestra. and this year, they have a unique theme. i'm andrea fujii. i'll tell you how you can get your hands on tickets at every price range. that's coming up on wjz eyewitness news. and march is still in like a -- [ baahing ] >> that was what? >> i think it was a lamb. >> we're in for a change. first warning weather all the time, click ,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] what if you could combine
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a gorgeous day out there today for our wednesday afternoon. plenty of sunshine. nice temperatures. but we'll let tim williams
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finish that for you. >> yeah, there's always that "but." sure bring me in for that. >> that's what your job is. >> well, thank you. we are going to enjoy the rest of this afternoon and evening. we have a front poised behind that. today, again, to put this in perspective, we are at 61 degrees. average high for this date, 49. so we are definitely enjoying the day. but there is a change coming our way in a very short time. right now, we have 25 degrees, your dew point. relative humidity, at 25%. west wind at 16 miles per hour. and 30.06. high pressure in control. dry conditions in place. all of this can seed the fire- enhanced fire. we have a special weather statement because of all of the dry conditions. even despite the recent rain. we do not have enough moisture in the ground to sustain any real buffer between us and any fire problems should they exist.
4:24 pm
47 now in oakland. 58 on the shore. 61 in patuxent river. and 58 in elkton. around the immediate in tro area, -- metro area. 61 in the state capital. 61 in bel air as well. winds are coming through at a pretty decent clip. 16-mile-per-hour winds across the state. 24-mile-per-hour winds across washington county. but they're bringing in a light breeze across the region. tomorrow, they will bring in cooler air. this is how it all shapes up. we have nice, mild air up and down the eastern sea board, tapping into warm air down across the south. memphis is at 69 now. the front is just to our west. and pushing across the state. behind that front, as you see, temperatures are much colder. 32 in detroit. and 46 in kansas city. high pressure will build in behind that front. and it comes through pretty dry. we don't even have a real chance of showers. temperatures are going to be between 15 and 25 degrees colder tomorrow than today.
4:25 pm
good bit of sunshine tonight. we're talking pretty cloudy conditions. as the front comes through, we'll see the cold conditions building immediately. tomorrow, we'll be into the upper 30s to low 40s. and that's about it, despite the amount of sunshine, which will be a lot. sunshine today is at 6:00. small craft advisory in effect through thursday morning. your forecast looks like this. tonight, looking at mainly clear and breezy conditions. 25 the overnight low. and tomorrow, 38 degrees, mostly sunny. much colder. we will start to go gradually up again. but that even comes with a "but." there could be some rain. >> as long as there is not the "s" word. >> sun, you mean? >> don't miss the cbs primetime lineup coming up tonight. at 8:00. it's an all new episode of survivor, redemption island. it wraps up with criminal minds, suspect behavior.
4:26 pm
followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. and katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. robbery assault, even rape. what do colleges really know about the athletes they're recruiting? a groundbreaking cbs news sports illustrated investigation into crime and college football. that's tonight only on the cbs evening news. secondhand smoke. the increased risk of a deadly cancer among a certain group of women. plead for freedom. will robert kennedy's assassination be on parole? >> reporter: dangerous defiance. gadhafi releases his supporters while the u.s. considers its next move. next move. eyewitness news at 4:00 ,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] achievement: embraces mondays.
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it is 4:29, 61 degrees and sunny. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. preparing for the worst. the white house says all options are on the table, when it comes to dealing with libya. moammar gadhafi refuses to resign. libyan guns prepared for battle. >> they are trying to win back control of his key oil ports. in the capital, gadhafi called on his people to keep fighting. >> one of our biggest concerns is libya descending into chaos and becoming a giant somalia. >> reporter: the white house says no option is off the table when it comes to ending the
4:31 pm
crackdown. the military is drawing up contingency plans, including enforcing a no-fly zone, to keep libyan warplanes from attacking. >> u.s. forces will be prepared for anything. but on capitol hill, he warned lawmakers on the potential dangers. >> let's just call a spade a spade. a no-fly zone begins with an attack on libya. 400 marines and two navy warships are headed off the coast. for now, their mission is to provide humanitarian aid. but as violence goes on, that task could change. and the unrest in libya could lead to a new refugee crisis. the united nations says more than 180,000 people have poured across the borders and ports in tunisia and libya. new predictions show americans could be uncomfortably close to paying
4:32 pm
$4 a gallon. kai is following the painful prices in the newsroom. >> reporter: that's right. the oil prices rose today. many production facilities are located. prices have jumped nearly 24 cents in the past eight days. triple a expects regular gas to reach $3.75 a gallon by early spring. now, today in maryland, we're paying an average of $3.36 for a regular gallon of gas. that's up from a month ago. and $2.68 a year ago. they are concerned political upheaval could break out in the middle east. >> thank you, kai. to find the cheapest gas prices in your area, log onto and click on links and numbers on the left side of the home page. victims of the gulf oil spill are refusing to settle for what this is showing. in the last several weeks, only about 200 claimants have accepted final payment.
4:33 pm
8,000 claimants have rejected the money because it forces them to give up their right to sue bp in the future. many are also complaining the payouts are too small. the u.s. u.s. marshal's office has released a wanted poster of jessica ta. -- tata. who fled to nigeria. they are trying to bring her back. prosecutors say the fire started when tata left the children alone to go shopping. a maryland preacher found not guilty of child sex abuse. adam may has the interview you'll see only on wjz. >> reporter: jerry bartly has been through something most people cannot imagine. the preacher was accused of sexually abusing his own children and a foster child.
4:34 pm
now he's sitting down with wjz. >> when all of these allegations surfaced, you were branded a pedophile. >> at no time was i ever sexually attracted at any child, male or female. i don't look at children in that way. my name has been plastered everywhere, only because they thought they had a case against me for doing something that i did not do. >> reporter: bartly's teenage foster son first accused bartly of sending a sex text message. but later admitted he lied, hoping to get a new family. the mother of his children questioned how he applied lotion and prescription suppositories. >> when i saw her statement to the department of social services, i just couldn't believe what i was reading. >> you sat in jail for eight months. how did you get through that? >> i had several pictures of my children which i kept with me. i kept praying for hem. and -- them.
4:35 pm
and it hurt me so deeply because i knew i hadn't done what i was accused of. >> reporter: there were also inconsist testimonies in the testimony children gave. they inaccurately described their father's genitalia. and they made outlandish allegations. >> they did all of the testing. and none of the testing indicated anything sexual between my client and the children. >> some still have their suspicions. >> there's always going to be those folks in the public, regardless of the outcome of the case, that will think he's guilty. >> do you think you'll ever be able to establish a relationship with your two youngest children? >> all i have to give is love. i don't know what poison has been put into them. but i know as a father, i'm going to continue to fight for my children. and be dad. >> jerry bartly's two children are still living with their
4:36 pm
mother as he fights to gain visitation rights in court. dr. kermit garfield is charged with killing a patient and seven babies after they were born. prosecutors decided to seek the death penalty for cosnel because of the nature of the crime. he is being held without bail and did not appear in court today. a woman's suicide puts more than a dozen other people in danger. the 72-year-old woman killed herself with cyanide inside her home in boston. her husband and several first responders were rushed to the hospital to be tested for exposure. police believe the woman had access to the deadly chemical at the cancer center where she worked. there is a new link between secondhand smoke and breast cancer. the woman exposed to years at home had a 32% risk of breast cancer. even for women who quit, their
4:37 pm
breast cancer risk continued for up to 20 years. previous studies had found no link between smoking and breast cancer. plenty of warm air around maryland. wjz has weather and traffic together. bob is here with more on how warm it got today. and how cold it's going to get tomorrow. bob? >> i tell you, it's hard to keep track of what is where we're at 61 degrees. tomorrow will be colder. there's a front going through the region. even as we speak. the winds are shifting to the northwest. the front all the way from northern section of new england down through tennessee valley. and behind it, arctic air mass, coming in from canada. this is going to bring vanish cold air. tonight, we'll be back in the low to mid-20s. make sure you have the winter coat. and tomorrow, our expected high, 38 to 40 degrees. that is it. then it warms up again.
4:38 pm
vic? good afternoon, everyone. just a couple of things to let you know about as we head out on the roads. we'll start -- excuse me. start on the north side inner loop. you're going to be held up just a little. and over on the harrisburg freeway northbound, you'll be tapping your brakes. and then as we mentioned earlier, that water main break, the left lane is blocked. you can use reisterstown road as an it's. you can use caution between mountain road and whitemarsh boulevard, as there are reports of a brush fire there. and one accident to let you know about at security boulevard, north rolling road. let's hop outside for a live look. you can see ellicott city. traffic looking pretty good there. and then as we head over to i- 695 west of york road. traffic is starting to take off a little bit. this is brought to you by
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american limousine. from weddings to corporate travel to nights on the town. american limousine can cover your transportation online. at maryland the meyerhoff symphony hall is bustling. this year, the musicians will be sharing their talents with the west coast. andrea fujii has the story. each new season brings life to this. >> because it's a live performance, it's always fresh. >> this year's theme is all about powerful women in history. they'll be performing 30 shows. >> as they're conducted by the first female. >> it gives us an opportunity
4:40 pm
to have discussion about women in leadership roles. >> reporter: it starts in september. and next march, they'll tour the west coast, with stops in california and oregon. >> maybe if they have one vision from television of what baltimore is like. then they hear this world class orchestra can change their view. >> reporter: music can transform anything if you let it. >> enveloped by the sound, it can be a life-changing experience. ♪ [ music ] andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> and show tickets for next season start at $20. to see the entire schedule or buy tickets, log onto and click on the seen on tv link on the left side of the home page. >> that was a great line, enveloped by the sound. straight ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. dangerous bacteria the health department found inside the playboy mansion. sharing memories.
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what you could also be sharing with your online photos that could bring strangers to your front door. and the sun is shining. it's a beautiful, mild afternoon. tomorrow is going to be much different. first warning weather is coming up. ,,,, dentures are softer than teeth and a lot of people when they get a denture
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still no word on what caused a huge explosion in a ohio home this morning. firefighters say the blast could be felt miles away. an elderly woman and her grandson were killed. the exact cause, unclear. but firefighters believe the explosion was connected to a propane tank inside the house. and in california, we're learning more about last year's deadly gas explosion in san bruno. the fire chief told the federal review panel today that he didn't know there was an underground pipeline in the area until it exploded in flames. eight people's homes were destroyed -- eight people were killed. dozens of homes were destroyed. at the time, residents thought a plane had crashed.
4:45 pm
fire chief acknowledged, he didn't make use of the first responders. it has been a year since robert kennedy was assassinated. now, the man who pulled the trigger is up for parole. adam may has the future on sirhan sirhan. >> he is scheduled for his first parole hearing in more than five years. back in 1968, he shot kennedy four times at the ambassador hotel, following his victory at the primary. he was sentenced to death. but that was later commuted to life in prison. the parole board has failed to repeal it. >> sirhan's attorney insists that the 66-year-old has no memory of the shooting. a health department agent that says the bacteria that
4:46 pm
causes legionnaire's disease has been found. investigators were there looking into an illness. no word yet on exactly where the bacteria was found. a workplace robbery takes a violent turn. now, two cafeteria workers are behind bars. police say the two women are caught, putting poison into their boss's tee. -- tea. the plot was discovered before anyone drank the liquid. and the two were arrested. investigators say the women had an ongoing feud with their supervisor. if unused gift cards are piling up in your drawer, there is a way to save them from going to waste. that goes for electronics, books and dvds. consumers now have options for trading old stuff for new. >> reporter: americans love buying gift cards. using them is a different story. >> you know what? i do. i have one in my purse i haven't used in two years. >> reporter: a recent estimate shows $30 billion in gift cards
4:47 pm
are collecting dust at this very minute. >> you wind up not using the gift card and the money gets lost. >> consumers can unload unwanted cards. websites like card pool and plastic jungle pay up to 92% of the value of your card. or you can exchange your card on a site like the gift card trader. customers swap with each other for a card they're more likely to use. >> the trading trend goes well beyond gift cards. here at best buy, there's a new program that lets you cash in on your old electronic, when you're ready to pay up. >> you pay a fee to join the program. then go to the online calculator. plug in the original price of your item. and it tells you what you'll get back when you're ready to swap for something new. >> it's designed for those customers that want the latest and greatest technology all the time. >> reporter: apple, you'll get a 10% discount for a new one. amazon gives credit for text
4:48 pm
books, dvds and video games. and target will give you a credit. the trend is ecofriendly. and it's a boost for consumers, turning their trash into cash. alexis christoforous, cbs news, new york. and consumer reports recommends doing a little homework on a website before you trade in your gift cards. go to to make sure the site has a clean record with the better business bureau. according to technology experts, photos taken with gps show exactly where they are taken. that could be enough for any stalker to come to your front door. actor mickey rooney was on capitol hill today, urging elders to take a stand against elder abuse. the actor recently accused his stepchildren of abusing him and
4:49 pm
mismanaging his finances. a judge has issued a restraining order in the case, which has a are hearing scheduled for next month. it was one of the biggest icons of the 70s. and now, oh, boy, the volkswagen microbus is ready to come back. this is called the bully. and it was formally introduced at the geneva show. okay. i'm getting one. from the front is resembles the old one. however, it could be years before it arrives in show rooms. if i live so long, i'm getting one. >> you obviously have some fond memories. >> well, yes, they were very popular when i was dating. [ laughter ] >> okay. let's leave that one alone. [ laughter ] >> okay. it's a beautiful spring afternoon. >> stick around. bob says the cold air is coming back. ,,,,
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here's a live look outside. spring time memories. >> i could take a month of these temperatures. >> me, too. and it's gotten a lot colder tonight and tomorrow. it's going to be a shock to
4:53 pm
your system because today was so nigh. it's getting breezy. the winds are beginning to churn now more to the north and northwest. and colder air will slowly filter in tonight. by the time you go out this evening, it's going to be in the 40s. take a look at temps. it was at last check, 61. next hour, probably back into the 50s already. west winds, 15. humidity, very dry air. in fact, there is an increased fire danger. please be careful out there. with the dry areas and the winds, it is still possible that forest fires and brush fires can be started under these conditions. so there was a special weather statement, just talking about that a few minutes ago. 61. dew point, 25. very dry air. and with the west winds, that's keeping it even dryer. despite the rain we just got. 30.06. the barometer on the way back up now. around the state, 45, 50, 52, 61. low to mid-60s. 50s closer to the water bodies
4:54 pm
as you can see. metro area, upper 50s. 55 in westminster. kent island and annapolis. very pleasant afternoon. 62, 30. yesterday, we were 49. 30 exactly average yesterday. today, 62/30. cold morning and warm afternoon. hard to know what to wear. the record is 80 and 13. big range here only in march. right now, the winds have shifted to the west and northwest. that is going to bring in that colder air tonight. tomorrow is going to be a cold day. in fact, tomorrow's high,, predicted only around 38, is colder than the average high for any day all winter long, believe it or not. in fact, even in january, our normal high is 40, 41 degrees. so tomorrow, we're looking at 38 or 39, all because of a cold air mass coming from canada. but it's going to be brief. it's going to tart moving out. by friday, clouds come back.
4:55 pm
along with mild air already. a little snow activity across new york. northern new england. couple of light sprinkles around the new york area. this came through completely dry. and it would be much colder tonight. mild air being pushed way down to the south. it's going to start coming back again as another front passes to the area to the north. clouds will be an increase. and a chance of rain coming back here. probably a little over the weekend. mostly, we think, on sunday. small craft advisory tomorrow. gusty winds as well. bay temp around 42. tonight, clear and much colder. 24 and breezy. so i mean, we're talking pretty cold night. tomorrow, sunny but cold. tomorrow's high, 38. after 62. that's a shock to your system. >> uh-huh. >> yes, it is. >> certainly is. >> bring in the warmth. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. a landmark decision from the supreme court. and the case of a maryland father against the infamous
4:56 pm
westborough baptist church. i'm derek valcourt, i'll tell you what ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
ing. coming up next on eyewitness news at 5:00. offensive. one man takes his fight against westborough baptist church to the supreme court. tonight, the ruling is in. and why many are upset. protecting your health. i'm mike hellgren in annapolis with an inside look at new regulations to protect patients from unnecessary operations after a scandal involving a star doctor and a local hospital. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now.
4:59 pm
case closed. >> god is punishing this nation. >> a father sues the church that protested at his son's funeral. >> tonight, the controversial decision from the u.s. supreme court. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking b. >> hateful speech is still protected by the first amendment. years after a westborough church targeted a marine's funeral, a maryland high court upheld their right to protest. >> reporter: we are here in york, pennsylvania because any moment now, we are expecting a press conference for attorneys for albert schneider, who is


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